What Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with Azra has been such a gift. Her ability to read my chart and reflect meaningful insights back to me in a way that can greatly affect my life and business has been a real game changer. Azra is warm and personal and very dedicated to her craft. The accuracy of the readings and analysis that she provides has been next to nothing else that I have experienced. I would highly recommend learning what your charts have to say about you."

"I recently received an Vedic Astrological Reading from Azra. I was impressed that she took the time to explain to me the difference of her reading compared to other astrological readings. The benefits of her birth chart reading were evident in her 100% accuracy of information with regard to my health, career, relationships and authentic self. I appreciated her confidence in discussing the reading in a clear and concise manner......"

"Doing a reading with Azra was a great experience! I felt safe and held during the entire session. The reading was accurate and so en-pointe especially the parts about my heath and the way my emotions are always a tug-of-war based on my ruling planets. It was valuable to know my blueprint and be able to work on my life’s plan. An absolute blessing and joyful experience

“Azra's reading of my Vedic astrology was not only accurate but felt life changing in terms of understanding the factors that I incarnated with, that influenced and directed my whole life. When one receives such valuable information about self, it allows you to make choices that are beneficial to your wellbeing not out of perceived obligation. The reading not only gave a bird's eye view from the past , but highlighted......"



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